Tips to Make The Most of Your Storage When Moving

Moving house can be stressful as it is, so renting out a self storage unit to temporarily store your items, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, etc. as you organize and arrange your new home can be really helpful. Self storage units will protect your belongings from the harsh elements of nature and weather extremities, while keeping them safe from intruders. You can fit in everything neatly by packing well to make the most of all the space in your self storage unit. You will find storage units in absolutely any city in the country, and to make the most of the space in the unit you choose, follow these simple tips. 

Choose the Right Storage Unit

If you will be storing your valuable household items in a self storage unit, check out the safety and security features of the storage facility before you rent it. You should also be able to get access to your self storage unit whenever you need to. There should also be adequate climate controlled storage available if you need it and also regular pest control measures in place. While you should not pick a self storage facility based on the lowest price but do get price estimates from at least three best local storage companies in your area, before deciding on the right fit for you. Work with a self storage company to get the right size unit to rent, based on the amount of belongings you have. Also be aware of the cost for upgrading to a bigger unit if necessary.

Do Not be Swayed by Low Price Only

You may want to go for the lowest price when renting a self storage unit but it should never be the deciding factor. Your cost considerations should never compromise the safety and security of your belongings, easy accessibility and customer service. The facility ideally should be located conveniently close to your place and allow you access to yourself storage unit anytime of the day or night.

Get An Insurance Policy For Your Storage Unit

When you store items in self storage, there may be adequate security measures in place to prevent theft or damage but you can never completely rule out damage and loss due to theft or natural/ man-made disasters such as fire, flooding or arson. Therefore, it is essential to always have your valuable belongings insured for compensation when such an incident occurs. Though you may homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, the policy may not cover the items in your self storage unit. You may need to buy an insurance policy for your storage unit. You can buy a plan to cover the items for at least the minimum amount of insurance offered by your self storage company, and you can also get a plan for the belongings while in transit during your move.

Pack Items Well Before Storing

Do not just throw all your belongings into the self storage unit, as you will end up damaging your items. Protect all your items in the unit by packing them neatly in boxes. Wrap all your glass, porcelain and china items in newspaper. Place the taller and heavier items into the self storage unit first and back them up against the wall.  The boxes with lighter and fragile items should be put on top of the boxes containing heavier items. Use boxes or clear plastic bins that are uniform in size and be sure to label the boxes so you can find things easily. Keep a spreadsheet of individual items so you know what is stored inside each box. Place all your belongings on top of pallets to prevent any potential water damage. All items you may need access to regularly should be placed up front so that you can get to it easily.

Keep these tips handy when organizing your move.  No matter where your things are stored, be organized and get the most out of your storage unit by keeping things tidy for easy access.  Talk to us at A Better Self Storage, in the Colorado Springs, CO area, for more information on storage units, truck rental for move-ins, moving supplies, and easy loading/unloading facilities. Call us at (719) 900-4148!

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