What To Do With Your Summer Supplies Once The Warm Weather Ends

We may not like it but nonetheless, we have to grudgingly say goodbye to summer when it comes to an end.  With fall the air turns crisp and the leaves change color, meaning you have to pack away your light and breezy summer wardrobe. It is time for the yearly rotation of clothes from summer dress, Hawaiian shirt, Daisy Dukes and flip-flops to thick woolies, long coats and jumpers. You also have to take proper measures to prepare your home for the cold weather. You need to pack up the air conditioner, bring out heavy winter draperies for the windows, drain the pool and stack all patio furniture but if have run out of space in your home, then you will need to think of alternative storage arrangements.  Most people struggle at the end of each season to find a space for their beloved things. Thankfully, A Better Self Storage has all your storage needs covered!

What To Do With Summer Supplies?

With summer winding down, most people suddenly realize that they do not have room in their home for all the seasonal clothes, extra pool toys and furniture, lawn chairs, or even the water gear. But you can’t just throw them away because you need to keep your summer items safe and in great shape for next year. Storing your summer stuff in a dusty and hot attic or a musty garage can do irreparable damage to your summer furniture and clothes. A safe, secure self storage unit provides the perfect storage solution if you do not want to create clutter in your home.

You can also opt for climate-controlled self storage units to make sure that all your precious summer items are in perfect condition when you need them again. With a secure unit you can have peace of mind all year round. Do lease a unit that is the perfect size for all your extra belongings and you can even rent your unit month to month, instead of being tied down by a long contract. Self storage helps you stay organized, with properly labeled boxes. Therefore is easy to find sporting goods, summer clothes, and pool gear when you need it next. When summer comes around again, you can use the storage unit for holiday decorations, gift wrap supplies, and bulky winter clothing. 

Summer Clothes And Accessories

With warm weather, people bring out summer hats, swimsuits, sandals, beach towels and light cotton or linen clothing, which then needs to be stored away when fall comes around. A self storage unit can work as a convenient backup closet to put your seasonal things and then switch them out when the seasons changes. Find the right sized storage unit for you and use small and medium-sized boxes to carefully store all your summer clothing. With more expensive and super-light elegant summer dress, you can use wardrobe boxes to safely hang your treasured dress. Wardrobe boxes can just right for your summer drapes, blinds, and linens too.

Pool and Patio Furniture

With summer drawing to a close, all the fun in the pool becomes relegated to memories. Where do you store the pool noodles, pool toys, floatation devices, beach balls, and kick boards?  You may also have lawn chairs, badminton nets, soccer balls, inflatable pools, and hammocks in your home that you need to find space for. Instead of keeping them in your shed or garage, think putting them in neatly organized boxes in a storage unit. This will leave your home and garage clutter-free and you can dedicate this space to dealing with items more in keeping with the current season at-hand.

Sporting Goods and Vehicles

When there is a cold nip in the air, it is time to pack away all your water gear such as your wetsuits, flippers, snorkels, fishing rods, lifejackets, goggles, and other deep-sea diving items. You can safely stow all your water gear in plastic containers or boxes in self storage after cleaning and drying them off. What about your expensive summer gear like your boat, scooters, jet-skis, bicycles, and other sporting goods? Find a reputable self storage facility near your area to safely store your larger watercraft and Jet Boats. Storing outdoor vehicles in a safe and dry space after taking proper precautions and preparations for storage so that they’re as good as new without any damage!

Get your autumn style right by allowing A Better Self Storage to make room in your home for items that you are currently using. We have the perfect storage space in the Colorado Springs, CO, area and all necessary moving supplies for your summer stuff. Call us at (719) 900-4148 for details on leasing the perfect storage unit or stop by one of our storage facilities.




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