Prepare Before A Tornado Hits

Around this time of the year states in the central U. S. and southern plains experience the destructive powers of tornadoes, thunderstorms and severe weather. When two opposite air fronts collide, as in warm moist air that is close to the ground meets dry cool air it results in atmospheric instability and terrifying tornado. As soon as weather conditions are ripe for producing a twister, a tornado watch gets issued, and when the wind storm is sighted on the weather radar, a tornado warning is announced. Severe tornado storms wreak havoc and leave behind a trail of destruction and chaos. So it is better to be prepared for disaster by identifying tornado-prone weather and taking necessary steps to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings.

You should have a safe room to head to, like a storm cellar or room in the center of your home, when the watch turns into a warning. Watch out for dark and green tinted clouds, funnel clouds, hail and a roaring noise as indications of tornado risk, and seek shelter in the safe room immediately. In case you are outdoors, drive your vehicle to the nearest shelter immediately and if driving becomes unsafe in the storm, keep your head below the windows and cover it with your hands or head to a ditch along the road as a last resort. Even after a tornado has passed, you should not enter any damaged buildings, as there may be dangerous debris, broken glass or fallen power lines. Tornados arrive with little warning and are destructive so it is better to have an emergency evacuation plan and to also have a tornado supplies ready in preparation for a tornado strike.

Tornado Preparedness Supplies Checklist

Here is a list of items you should include in your kit.

Water – Keep enough supplies of water for all family members and pets.

Food – Stock up on non-perishable food like canned meats, fruits, or vegetables and pack a can opener, utensils too.

Money – Have some cash on hand or a credit card to use and your identification too. When you leave your shelter once the storm passes, you may need to seek other sleeping accommodations and food.

Good Shoes – Always keep good walking shoes as you may have to walk a fair distance and pass over dangerous debris.

First Aid Kit – Go over your first aid kit to make sure you have all prescription medicines and other essentials you may need during and after the tornado.

Flashlight – Pack flashlights with extra batteries.

Cell Phone – Feed all your important numbers in the contacts list of your cell phone and carry it to keep in touch with people and get storm updates. Make sure you take photos of any damage to your property for insurance.

Clothing – Keep extra clothing for layering if needed.

Portable Toilet – You must plan for a sanitary way for your family to go to the bathroom while you take shelter.

Additional specialty items – When you have a baby, be sure to pack diapers, wipes, bottles and formula. If you have pets, you will need pet food for them and leashes.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe on the Ground In Self Storage

Tornadoes are destructive causing major damage to your home and belongings. The best way to protect your precious belongings is by storing them in a self storage unit. For families or businesses that do not have enough space in their home or office storage units offer a better solution to keep your items safe, organized and out of the way.  Pack your boxes on top of pallets instead of putting them directly on the ground as it will protect your items in case of a leak from damage to the roof of your storage unit. The pallet also provides better air circulation within the storage unit. If you are wondering how safe a storage unit is during a tornado then truth be told storage facilities are as safe as any other structure in the area. But there are steps you can take to secure your property further.

Your facility manager will be able to help you prepare your storage unit better for natural disasters. Take the time to contact the main office for suggestions on how to prep your unit for tornadoes. Get to know their emergency plan, and contact methods in the event of an emergency.

A Better Self Storage, in the Colorado Springs, CO area, offers a variety of unit sizes for rent including climate control, to meet any needs. Our units are structurally strong and we have 24-hour video surveillance cameras, protected access, and are well lit for your safety. Tornadoes are unpredictable so being prepared for it even if it takes a little extra time and knowing that your possessions are well protected will give you peace of mind, if a disaster does strike. Call us at (719) 900-4148 to avail our excellent services and safely store your belongings with us.


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