Different Factors To Consider Before Moving

Summer is the season of moving for many people around the country. If you are considering moving to a new home or relocating to a new state because you are retiring, or you have a new job offer or just because you want to try something different, then you need to take the time to research your options before making the decision to move. Before you follow through with the decision to move homes, avoid the headaches associated with the relocation by weighing in on some important factors discussed in the article.

How Will Your Family and Friends Be Affected?

It is so much easier to move to a new city or even country when you’re single. You can just pick up and leave without too much thought. But for someone with a family or a close group of friends, the decision is that much harder. You have to consider your partners job prospects and his current employment situation. If your partner has a great job with good benefits and excellent chance of promotion, it may not be the ideal time for you’ll to move. Besides considering how well both of you deal with change, you should try to process whether the decision to move may affect your relationship.

A move can be disruptive for your children, especially if they are already in school. You will have to research the reputation of the local schools to ensure they get the best education or else, you may even have to consider private schooling options. Do find out more details about childcare choices in the area. If you have the benefit of having family near you currently, who take care of your children while you are at work, then a move away would mean giving up that convenience.

What Is the Cost of Living?

While you are comfortable living on your salary now, but a move to another location, may change that scenario. Before you commit to a move, it is vital to know what your outgoings may be and how far your salary will take you in the new location. You can use an online cost of living calculator to make an educated guess. If you happen to know anyone already living in the area you want to move to, then you can ask them questions about expenses and calculate how your finances will stack up.

If the place you are considering moving to is more expensive then even a raise in your salary may not cover the expenses. When you calculate the cost of living, whether you buy or rent a home, do include housing. While the monthly repayment will depend on your location, you also need to investigate other housing-related expenses, such as utility costs. If the utility costs are high in the new location because of extreme temperatures or if you have to buy more expensive insurance, you will need to plan for it. Keep in mind that in certain areas you will also require special cover for natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes or tornadoes.

Do not forget to look up your potential tax liability when moving to a different state. There are seven U.S. states that have no income tax but the rest do, so a move to any of these locations will require you to take into consideration state and local income or sales taxes.

There are also everyday expenses, such as transport, food, leisure activities and childcare etc. to think of.  How far off is your home going to be from your office? Is there a good public transport or will you be commuting by car? Either way you have to factor in the cost of gas or daily fare. How will you get there? If you’ll commute by car, there is the cost of gas to think of and if you’ll take public transport, factor in the daily fare. Do not forget to have a backup plan in case things don’t work out in the new place and you want to move back or pick up and go somewhere different. You will need to have at least several months’ savings in the bank to deal with unplanned emergencies or for a move back.

How’s the Location?

Moving to a new location generally involves buying or selling a home, so take time to thoroughly research before you decide on a new area. When the real estate market is tight, you may want to sell your current home before buying the new one to avoid the burden of carrying two mortgages at once.

When you are considering moving homes, do think about the different aspects you like or don’t like about the place you are currently living in and whether the new place will be able to offer the same benefits. Will moving to the new location solve any of your current problems?

The most important factor for many people when moving to a new location is safety. You will want to look up the crime rate and related statistics in the area you want to live and work. Go on forums to find out more about the area of your potential new home. You have to factor in the weather, and consider whether it suits you and your family. If you have a preference for hot or cold climate or if you suffer from allergies, you will definitely need to know what the climate is like. If you are keen on outdoor activities, then research how many sunny days you will be able to get in the location.

The culture of the location you want to move to is another important factor to consider. Do research your entertainment options and find out more about the nightlife, restaurants or sporting activities in the area. If you pursue any hobbies, it may be wise to check whether you can continue those in the new area. Are there museums and theatres you can go to? And most importantly, is it “child-friendly?”

When considering a move to a new location, give your social life some thought too. You are more likely to settle in and be comfortable with the move, if you can make new friends quicker. If you like to have a circle of friends around you, then before you move find out whether there are opportunities to meet new people in the area. Is there a strong college or university alumni base in the location you are moving to? How easy is it going to be for you to make new connections and develop a friend-circle?

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