Improve Productivity By Organizing Your Home Office

Working from home can be liberating and you can get more done in less time by avoiding rush hour commute.  Many companies now allow employees to work from home or even hire virtual workers so many people have to work from home offices. The clutter in home offices often remain ignored because it stays hidden behind closed doors and because this space is kept separate from the living area of your home, there is no pressing need to clean up after.  No wonder the home office space can easily turn into a cluttered, disorganized and dysfunctional mess with papers and files piling up on the desk or shelves. When it gets too untidy, it is also easy to just ditch the office desk and grab the laptop to park on the living room couch instead. But it is better to create distinct work and home spaces to best avoid distractions when working at home. There is no cause for despair as you can organize your home office by following some easy tips to see your productivity rise.

  1. Create a Filing System 

A filing cabinet offers the best solution for organizing properly labeled files with paper documents. You can subdivide your files with individual folders.  Consider color-coding files like-

Green – Admin Paperwork

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Legal

Red – Annual Report Filings

Blue – Legal Contracts

Yellow – Current Projects

  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Project 3

Attention to small details when organizing can help to establish order for your home desk.  Besides your office desk and chair, you need to make space for the filing cabinet in your office. To make space for your filing cabinet, you can take out any unneeded bulky furniture or other house items to a cheap self storage unit for safe storage. And, if there is no room for your filing cabinet in your home office either, you can always store your files in a self-storage unit. You will be able to hire storage units in different sizes according to your specific need.

  1. Keep Your Desk Organized

Your desk is the focal point of your home office so keeping it clutter free is absolutely essential in creating a stress free work environment. Keep the bare necessities on the surface of your desk, so you may hang your family photos instead of placing them on your desk. Do think before you clean anything off of your desk as to where you will put them. Having a plan in your head helps you troubleshoot, especially when you are cleaning up. Have a specific desk drawer to keep your office supplies, pens, pencils, etc. Keep the most essential items you need within easy reach on a shelf. Creating an inbox/outbox system helps keep your desk clutter free. You should put all new assignments, bills, current projects, to-do list and unopened letters in your inbox and you should take a look at anything still lying in the inbox unattended, within a couple of days, to either file it or throw it in the trash. There should only be finished work and completed paperwork that needs to be filed in your outbox.

  1. Block Time To Clean Up at the End of Each Day

Make it a habit to clean up your office space at the end of each day. Go through all the papers on your desk to either scrap unnecessary paper or file the important ones and move documents that still needs to be dealt with in its designated place and lastly tidy up the desk space. A clean and organized desk will allow you to concentrate on the work at hand. Consider using technology like the cloud for document storage and data backup. Document management has become easier with the resources on the cloud, so you can store a digital copy of your important paperwork somewhere other than your physical office. You can ensure your home office is clean and tidy by keeping things minimal.

Not to forget, you can always fall back on the safe and trusted self storage as a backup option for your office documents and supplies, when you’re struggling to make room in your home. You are assured of round the clock CCTV security surveillance, anytime access with a self storage unit. Stop by any A Better Self Storage location for more information!





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