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Get Storing: Prepare for Winter Storms

Powerful gusts of swirling winter winds. Snowstorms. Rough weather. Widespread outages. Sometimes even structural damage. With extreme cold weather here, there is so much to prepare your home for. It is not wise to make a last minute dash to be snow ready. Winterizing your home properly so that your home and your family are protected from severe winter weather can take weeks so it’s best to get started as soon as possible.

Stock Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Be smart and keep an emergency kit with all the essentials you would need to survive without electricity or transportation for a few days. There may be power outages or you may find yourself stuck at home due to impassable roads. How do you stay warm for a night without power? Will you have enough food and water to make it through the storm? Make sure you stock up your kit with essentials before the store shelves run bare.


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Shopping in Mission Trace, Colorado Springs

Shop till you drop in Colorado Springs! The main shopping districts, including Old Colorado City, Monument and downtown Colorado Springs offer a wide variety of shopping venues and top luxury boutiques. But besides the larger malls, there are also other convenient shopping outlets with a unique charm of their own, in and around the Mission Trace area. Follow this guide to plan your next Colorado Springs shopping center trip. Stroll through the urban marketplace and go hunting for great buys and bargains. (more…)

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Assorted sports equipment on a white background with copy space

Best Ways to Store Sports Equipment in the Off-Season

What is the Best Way to Store Sports Equipment in the Off-Season?

Almost every sport has an off-season and sports equipment needs to be stored away carefully when not in use. As fall sports season winds up, it is time to pack up gear for sports like baseball, golf, volleyball, soccer, football, and more. Sports equipment and uniforms have to be properly prepared and stored so that it can be reused for years to come.

If you end up just tossing the unused sports equipment in the corner of the garage or put it away in a corner of your home to gather dust, you may get a nasty surprise at the beginning of the next season when you find it in unusable condition.

Remember to properly clean and maintain sports equipment and uniforms between each game so that it is easier to prepare for off-season storage. When the season is over, follow some simple practices to prepare the equipment for storage so that it remains in good working order.

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How Do Businesses Benefit From Self Storage

Running a business is hard work, with no guarantee of rewards. It can be even more of a challenge if you have started your business in the garage or your spare room and have to deal with an untidy and cluttered space. All businesses collect a lot of stuff over time. The overflow of business documents, files and inventory can quickly take over and lead to a space crunch. So if your business is growing fast or even if you want to cut back on your office and warehousing liabilities for short periods, then self-storage may be the right solution for you. Keep reading to learn how your business can benefit from the diverse range of services offered by self-storage facilities.

How Can A Business Benefit From The Use Of Self-Storage?

De-clutter Your Office to Improve Productivity – Clutter does not just affect the productivity of your employees; it can seriously affect your professional image among customers too. Having a tidy office space and replacing chaos with proper organization does help make a great first impression for your business. Outdated records, files and excess stock can take up valuable space and prevent you from employing more staff, expanding your retail space or even adding space for customer interactions. Renting a self-storage unit for your business can help you clear space for your employees and critical business functions.

Get More Space For Your Inventory– As your business expands, you need more space for your inventory. Renting a self-storage unit, gets you access to more space at low cost to hold more of the inventory you want to sell. A larger inventory equates to more sales and many more customers. It can also be used as a store for excess stock, reps’ sales samples and display or exhibition equipment. You can even get deep discounts when buying office supplies in bulk and storing them in the storage unit.

Save Money – It is really expensive to rent additional space in the commercial market today. Most retail and office premises cost several thousands of dollars annually to rent out, with a hefty deposit upfront. Instead you can rent a self-storage or mini storage unit for a fraction of this to store items such as business records or sales material that you don’t need every day.

Reasons To Choose Self-Storage

Great Rates And Flexible Terms– The most significant thing that can eat up a lot of your budget is the increased rental costs for business premises, which means that you have to look for smart alternatives such as self-storage and mini storage facilities, with more flexible rental terms and pricing. A self-storage unit can actually even increase your profit margin because you get flexible and reasonable rates for renting a self-storage unit and you do not have to be tied in to any long term agreements either.

Convenience- For a business owner, convenience in terms of location and easy accessibility is a huge factor. You can access your storage unit at any time and some storage facilities even offer help with your packing and moving supplies. Some self storage facilities will even accept delivered goods on the behalf of your business.

Security- Self-storage units offer a greater level of security; with CCTV, alarms, and other surveillance security technology. They are less prone to water, fire and theft damage because of the precautions self-storage businesses take. Your office inventory and business documents will be far safer in a self-storage facility than your own offices or work place.

Different Business Uses For Self-Storage In Colorado Springs And Mission Trace Area

Many businesses use storage units at A Better Self-Storage as part of their workspace:

  • For archiving
  • Storing equipment for removal Company
  • Point of sale equipment
  • Old/excess furniture
  • Storing excess stock, equipment or tools
  • To keep seasonal demand goods
  • Run online business
  • For market traders
  • Storing product samples and promotional gear
  • Printed marketing material
  • Distribution points for stock
  • Home office storage

Why Is Self-Storage Better Than Warehouse Space?

Businesses often end up being stuck with a long-term lease agreement for more warehouse space, which adds up to more capital expenditure. Self-storage can easily be used as a low-cost, small-scale warehouse and distribution center for stock. With self-storage you enjoy the advantage of short-notice periods and low overheads.

A Better Self-Storage has plenty of storage units in different sizes for all your business needs. Reserve a unit now! For more information on storage units available in our facility, call us at (719) 900-4148!

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Preparing Storage For Study Abroad

Making the decision to spend a college semester studying abroad is like embarking on a new adventure without a roadmap. It will not be easy but it can be very rewarding life experience. When preparing to study abroad there are so many decisions to make that it can seem daunting. You may receive a pre-departure checklist from your college but it only provides travel and living information. But there are a number of necessary tasks that need to be completed before boarding your flight. Besides deciding on where to study, what subjects to pick, figuring out a phone plan, learning cultural nuances, there are also logistical decisions to be made and arrangements to be made for all the belongings you are leaving behind. A Better Self Storage can provide you a safe storage solution for your things while you tackle your study abroad college term.

Why Do Students Need Self Storage During International Study?

What do you do with all the extra stuff you won’t be carrying with you when you are venturing abroad but you will need when you get back to college? A self storage unit is the ideal solution for college students needing a secure location to store their personal belongings when they’re going abroad to study. Students may not have access to a parent’s or guardian’s home near their college to stash their belongings in or they may not be enough space available to house the extra boxes and other college gear. Moreover, moving furniture and other belongings back and forth over long distances can be a hassle. By keeping items in a storage unit, students don’t have to worry about the safety of their items nor do they have to clutter their parent’s home with boxes.

Organization is key, when you have to prepare for tests, pack suitcases, get paperwork organized and have your travel plans ready, the last thing you want to worry about are the items you’re leaving behind. By renting a storage unit before traveling abroad, the transition becomes so much easier when they get home. Students can simply pack up their dorm room and keep it all securely in a storage unit so that all their belongings are in one place when they return home.

All your items will be safe and intact when you’re abroad.

Did we mention that self storage is a money saving option? Consider that you do not have to pay rent for an apartment when you aren’t even living in it. When you return back to the United States to begin the next academic semester, you have access to your belongings.

What to Look For When Renting a Self Storage Unit

Students should ensure that the storage facility is safe, clean and well-lit. Arrange for a viewing with the storage facility to see what they have to offer before signing the deal. Reserving a unit with modern security arrangements, such as CCTV, gated access, on-site facility manager, will give you peace of mind when you are out of the country.

Find a facility that offers a variety of unit sizes so that you can select the right size unit for your storage needs. Students may want to rent the 5×5 or 5×10 units in a storage facility, as they can fit most of their stuff in such units.

Also consider the type of payment options the facility offers. Students looking to study abroad would benefit immensely from facilities that offer automatic or online payment options. Setting up an auto-payment system is important so there are no payment issues while studying abroad.

Reserve Your Self Storage Unit ASAP

Before catching your international flight, you need to find a home for your college belongings, dorm bedding, documents, textbooks and more. If you do not start preparing sooner than later for your storage, then you may have to get rid of your valuable bedding, clothing, and books in your college donation bin. And end up having to buy them again once you return home. Reserving a storage unit a few weeks before you leave for your studies abroad, will guarantee that you get one or else you may have to stress about finding an available unit that fits your travel timeline and budget. So if you are studying abroad in the spring semester then the best time to start planning the appropriate registration and travel plans would be the first couple of weeks of the fall semester.

Storing Your Vehicle When Studying Abroad

Your personal vehicle also needs special attention before you leave for foreign study programs, so consider renting a unit for your valuables and another space for your car. It is advisable not to leave items inside the vehicle, even when you are putting it in outdoor storage as it becomes an easy target for theft when people can see items through the car windows. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your vehicle will be in storage over the winter, you need to winterize your car before leaving it in storage.

A Better Self Storage can help you figure out what you want to do with your furniture, boxes, and other belongings while you study abroad. We have plenty of storage units in different sizes for all your items while you are away. For more information on storage units and student discounts available in our facility call us at (719) 900-4148!

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Self Storage For Military Personnel

Service men and women know that relocation is part and parcel of the job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 2.7 million people serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and they are often asked to relocate, sometimes even on short notice. In fact military families move every two years on an average, generally because of a Permanent Change of Station (PSC), Temporary Duty (TDY) or Temporary Additional Duty (TAD). Moves. And deployments are stressful enough for military personnel and their families.  Moving your household and family should be the least of your worries.  So when one is faced with either a short or long term deployment or even if one has to travel overseas, self storage can be a convenient option for anyone in the military.

Self storage can be a great way to safely keep your vehicle, furniture, personal items and other valuables close to your permanent home, before you and your family leave. Did you know that 95% of storage units near U.S. military bases are rented by military members? Locate a storage facility near your base. To prevent needless expenses and last minute panic, it is important to plan ahead.  Renting a storage unit can ease your transition stress and be a hassle-free process, especially if you put a little organization and proper planning into it.

Things To Consider When Renting Military Storage

Self storage facilities offer safe locations, monthly storage options and even military discounts, so that you can leave for your deployment with peace of mind. Here are few factors to consider when choosing your self storage unit:

Factor In Your Needs (more…)

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Best Season To Move In Colorado Springs, CO

Moving is a big challenge that requires proper logistical planning and hard physical labor besides the obvious financial considerations. From stressing about renting a truck, sorting and packing boxes and organizing self storage, more than often selecting the moving date becomes the last of your priorities. But planning ahead and scheduling your move for the right time of year can help ease nearly every aspect of the moving process and also affect the cost of the move. So when is the absolute best time to plan your next move in terms of convenience and costs?

Plan Ahead When Selecting Your Moving Date

You can plan forward and focus on the new location you are moving to than where you currently live. You have to think of things like climate or population during your planned relocation season.

Weather: Use your common sense. When you live in a rather cold climate, you will probably want to avoid a move in the middle of winter. If possible, plan your move when you do not have to navigate icy roads, treacherous winter weather conditions and heavy lifting in the snow. If you are moving in spring, schedule around the rain.

Work: Do not plan your move around busy time at work. Moving is a stressful process and you won’t be making life easier for yourself if you are juggling work too. Pick a weekend date for your move.

Family: Put your family needs first. If you have school-age children then it is better not to disrupt their routine. It may be more sensible to move during the summer in order to avoid a chaotic school year.

Busy Season


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Egg-ceptional Self Storage For Your Easter Decorations In Colorado Springs

Easter is all about the family getting together and having some fun with stuffed bunnies and Easter eggs. But more often than not, what begins really well as an excited celebration ends up as a hugely stressful weekend. This is especially true, if you have lots of holiday items taking up space in your home, basement or garage .You really can’t relax if you are constantly worried about your kids and/or pets ruining your decorations before the next Easter holiday rolls around. To avoid Easter becoming too overwhelming for you choose an affordable option for all of your storage needs and de-clutter your home. We would like to offer some tips on how to de-stress over the Easter holidays.

Start By De-cluttering

The more space you can free up in your home, the more room for your kids, pets and guests. If you have planned an egg hunt, then clear spaces in your home of potentially breakable items. Remove valuable glassware, ceramics and art objects and put them in storage in the attic or cellar so that they are well out of reach of youngsters. Move and re-arrange some of your furniture if possible to make more room. Check if you have enough chairs for everyone. IF you need more, then consider getting small collapsible stools.

And, if you do not have an attic or cellar, there is no reason to panic. You can always consider storing your extra belongings at A Better Self Storage, even if it is for a short time.

Why Choose Self Storage For Storing Decorations (more…)

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How To Ease Pet Stress When Moving

Moving requires planning, adequate preparation and it can be an extremely stressful event that disrupts familiar everyday routines. Moving with pets can be even more of a challenge logistically and emotionally because pets can get agitated and stressed about a move just like humans. Pets can exhibit symptoms of separation anxiety and are more likely to have an accident in the house, run away from your new home in search of their old home, or start chewing up shoes or clothes. So when you are packing up for the move, keep your pet in mind and try to find ways of making the transition to the unfamiliar neighborhood as smooth as possible for your furry friends too. Here is a checklist of to dos through the entire process of moving homes in order to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Visit Your New Home With Your Pet

Do take your pet to visit the new neighborhood to get used to the new environment, especially if you are moving to a location close to your current home. But remember to keep them on a tight leash or they will be at a flight risk if they get scared. Give your pet time to explore the rooms and get acquainted with the new house and yard.  If you are planning a long distance move then you have to find ways to ship your pet across the country or even overseas. Make sure that your new home is pet-safe and check that your fence/gate is secure.

Prep Before You Move (more…)

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