Self Storage Offers The Ideal Business Document Archive Solution

Every business has to deal with documents stacking up over the years that they have to keep for archival and legal purposes. Besides digital data, all businesses still have to maintain a paper copy of many information and documentation, such as contracts and long term warranties.  Additionally, businesses have an obligation to protect and preserve private data, so documents cannot just be left lying around in office rooms. Besides, creating clutter if documents are stored in the office they end up taking up expensive floor space.  To save money, it makes more sense to rent a unit at a secure self storage facility to store your archived documents that you do not need access to everyday. Documents have to be carefully prepared for storage even in a self storage unit so that they do not get warped or damaged.

How Should You Prepare Your Documents For Storage?

All your documents have to be preserved and prepared for long term storage in file boxes or containers. If you already have filing cabinets with documents organized, then you can wheel the cabinets to the storage unit.  Label each container or file box to easily identify the contents. Stand the documents flat to prevent wrinkling before archiving them.

Why Choose A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit for Storing Archival Documents?

Consider climate controlled storage for documents to protect them from fading or warping. Self storage units go through changing levels of heat, cold and humidity, which can increase moisture in the air. Paper attracts moisture easily, so if you store documents in a non-climate controlled unit for long term, you may find the documents start showing signs of moisture damage.  Moisture causes mold and mildew to set in and can destroy paper from fading or peeling. To keep the documents safe for legal purposes, investing in a climate-controlled unit at a self-storage unit may be the wiser option.

Packing Tips for Documents

Think and organize well before you put your documents into your storage unit, so that it is easy to retrieve documents from the unit at any time.

Organize the containers with customer records in an alphabetical order and organize documents by customer id number or contract number and stack them numerically.

Use locked filing cabinets or safes to store confidential documents, CD’s or DVDs and place them in storage as well. You can also use anti-static packing for videotapes, CDs and DVDs.

Pack files in standard file boxes evenly and cushion them with packing material. Airtight packing will ensure there is no moisture damage to your sensitive documents. Make sure each box is not heavier than thirty to forty pounds for easy transport. Never place boxes on the ground, instead use pallets, plastic sheets, or wood blocks to elevate boxes from the ground.

When labeling boxes clearly from the outside, you can use waterproof labels or markers so that it does not fade or grow mildew. Alternatively tape printed labels to the outside

Storage Security Options You Should Check

Self storage facilities offer many security features. The buildings and units are gated and only accessible through a pass code. Look for these-

  • Keypad entry system and gated facilities
  • Proper working lighting in and around the units at all hours
  • Security cameras, presence of facility manager and monitoring personnel
  • Locks, boxes and safes available on request

Where Do You Store Your Documents?

The friendly staff at A Better Self Storage, in the Colorado Springs, CO area, will have more tips about the right storage solutions for your important documents depending on the climate and length of time that you want to keep your documents in storage. Call us at (719) 900-4148 for units of all sizes where you can store your documents reliably and securely.


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