What To Consider When Shopping For A Self Storage Unit?

Self-storage offers a convenient and trustworthy option to house your personal belongings. People end up accumulating a lot of stuff, with monetary or personal value attached to it. Nonetheless it creates clutter. Any mess at home is bound to trigger stress. If you want a safe place for your prized items, self storage may be the perfect solution, whether it is temporary or long term. When you research storage facilities there are so many options available. So, how do you go about picking a self-storage facility that is the best fit for all your stuff? Besides the obvious criteria of size and price of a unit, you should look for some other attributes in a self-storage facility.

Close to Home

Do ask yourself how far you are willing to travel to access any storage unit. If you need access to stored items frequently, then it is vital to select a nearby facility. When you need temporary storage for an upcoming move, pick a storage facility closer to your new home, which will stop unneeded backtracking.

Unique Needs 

Consider what kinds of items you will be storing and if there are any special requirements for proper preservation of those belongings, like climate controlled environment. Some of the items that will need climate controlled storage include art, wine, clothing, documents, electronics, photos and wooden instruments, etc. Extreme temperatures or humidity can damage sensitive items over time, so it is best to manage their exposure to the elements and prevent any mold, moisture damage, warping or discoloration. Choose facilities that offer climate controlled storage units, if you so require.


If you look at the state of the office at a storage facility, it should give you a fair idea about the overall cleanliness of the facility. The office should be well dusted with squeaky clean floors, spotless bathrooms and a well turned out manager. A clean office primarily shows that the facility is well-maintained and you can trust the self storage facility to care for tenants’ belongings properly.

No Pests or Critters

A good self-storage facility will address pest and rodent issues seriously and have in place a contract with pest control professionals for regular monthly and seasonal pest control, Pests can do a lot of damage to belongings, even if they are stored in boxes. It is vital to prevent any infestations as pests can ruin clothes, rugs, and upholstered furniture. Rats are known to chew up wood furniture and urinate and defecate in units. Nesting spiders can build cobwebs in your items, especially in the spring season. Be sure to ask any self storage facility about their pest control measures and if there have been any previous problems with pests.

Commitment to Keep Your Items Secure

The most essential criteria when choosing a self storage facility is its security features. When you are going to store your precious possessions outside of your home, you should ensure the safety and security of your stored contents.  A secure facility will have a variety of storage unit locks, gated computerized access, secure fencing, security cameras, individual door alarms, and sufficient lighting in all areas. To ensure safekeeping of your possessions, find a facility where an on-site manager is present.

Friendliness and Accessibility of the Staff

First impressions do matter. Customer service is highly important and when you contact a storage facility, whether by email, phone or in person, you will know immediately how customers are treated. A good facility manager will be approachable, friendly and open to answering all your queries efficiently. When the place is right, with friendly staff, you will know that you can trust them with your belongings.

All self-storage facilities have not been created equal, and selecting the right storage unit is crucial.  Your choice will depend wholly on your needs. No one wants to spend any more than they have to for their storage needs.  A Better Storage has units of different sizes for all your storage needs. Call our friendly storage staff at (719) 900-4148 for any information and we can even help you select the perfect size storage unit, at an affordable price.

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