Self Storage for Apartment and Small Studio Dwellers

Apartments, condos and small studios are growing in popularity in urban areas but the square footage in these homes are decreasing, leaving owners and apartment renters struggling to find storage space. The lifestyle choice of living in small, exclusive communities has certain benefits of swimming pools, gym, children’s play area and much more available at a small monthly fee.  Empty nesters, millenial’s and retirees are downsizing their homes to apartments and townhomes to give up on the extra cost of maintenance and upkeep that a bigger home needs. But unfortunately, these apartments and condos do not have enough storage and closet space for extra furniture, decorations, seasonal clothes and other items that are not needed on a daily basis.

Most of the apartment owners or renters do not want to get rid of all the extra possessions and furniture they have collected over the years either.  As a result these small spaces become cluttered and unorganized easily. If you need to clear space in your apartment or you are in between moves, renting a self storage unit will help make a huge difference. No wonder that more than a quarter of self-storage tenants live in apartments or condos.

Apartment Storage vs. Self Storage

Instead of selling or getting rid of items that have monetary or sentimental value because of the shortage of space in apartment and studio flats, owners/renters can consider look up a reputable local self-storage facility to store their possessions for both a short period of time and also for long term storage needs.

For-rent storage space is a trend in the apartment industry, with more sites offering storage units or closet amenities in the complexes. Most apartment complexes have unused spaces in garages and parking lots which can be designed into storage space areas. But despite the accessibility of these for-rent storage options in the apartment complex, it is not a threat to the self storage rental business, mainly due to the reasons outlined below.

Storage Costs – Most apartment complexes charge a large monthly fee as rental for onsite storage closets or units, depending on the property and location. In comparison the costs associated with self-storage facility are much less and you get more bang for your buck.

Space Requirements – Apartment complexes have storage closets of a standard size, so you cannot pick storage units according to your needs. Self Storage facilities have storage units of various sizes and you can choose a larger or smaller space according to the items you need to store.  You pay rental only on your specific needs by picking the right size unit.

Climate Control – You may have items for storage that are sensitive to temperature extremities and environmental conditions like humidity and pollution. You will not have the luxury of climate control in community storage units.  If you will be storing art, documents, clothing, electronics, books, paintings, seasonal clothes, furniture or electronic items, then consider the benefits of climate-controlled unit at a self-storage facility to preserve your possessions in good quality.

Additional Storage Considerations

If your apartment closet unit lacks the space, you can use the space in a climate controlled storage unit to house both your business and casual clothing. Consider the storage unit as an additional year-round walk-in closet.

Some apartment and condo complexes also have restrictions on the use of motorcycles, RV’s or other specialty vehicles on the premises due to its bulky size and noise issues. Self-storage facilities generally have options of outdoor vehicle storage and indoor storage to park your precious vehicles safely when you are not riding.

Whether you are in between moves, just renting your first apartment or you are a proud owner of a studio flat, lack of storage space is bound to stress you. If you are trying to make space in your house or apartment, A Better Self Storage, in the Colorado Springs, CO area, can accommodate your items at the best value. Avail our excellent service for your convenience and safely store your belongings in our secure units without any worries. Make your apartment more organized and spacious.  Call us at (719) 900-4148 for information on truck rental for move-ins, moving supplies, and easy loading/unloading facilities.

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